Point7West Inc. Retains CriticalPoint Partners

Point7West Inc. Retains CriticalPoint Partners

Point7West Inc. Retains CriticalPoint Partners 225 225 CriticalPoint Partners

Point7West Inc., an award-winning corporate video and television production company, announced that it has retained CriticalPoint Partners as a member of its Strategic Advisory Board. While the two firms have worked closely together for a number of years, Point7West retained CriticalPoint Partners to provide its expertise and customized solutions to seize future opportunities that are best fit for the company’s long-term objectives.

“CriticalPoint Partners has provided invaluable guidance as our firm has gone through a rapid growth phase,” said Steve Richardson, founder of Point7West. “CPP’s wide range of advisory services provides our company a strategic advantage by allowing our management team to focus their attention internally on core operations and future growth initiatives. Looking forward, Point7West is positioned for greater success having CriticalPoint Partners working as an integral part of our outsourced corporate development team.”¹

About Point7West

Point7West is a full-service corporate video and television commercial production company that creates award-winning and creative videos for individuals, agencies and businesses throughout the country. The Company is a leading expert in dynamic marketing tools that are conceptualized and scripted to capture their clients unique message and brand identity. Point7West was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in the Coachella Valley in Southern California.

About CriticalPoint Partners

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CriticalPoint Partners is a leading advisory and investment firm focused on sourcing, negotiating and executing a range of outsourced corporate finance solutions to enhance shareholder value. CriticalPoint Partners builds customer-centric, long-term partnerships with its representative clients to create strong relationships that span the course of multiple transactions.